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We go hand in hand with the best experts in programmatic buying for the best definition of your audiences and targets.

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The perfect complement to your campaigns

We manage your Display campaigns (directly or through DSP) and collaborate with the main Programmatic tech partners (Trading Desk with access to various DSP) in order to improve your overall strategy and positively affect all other channels.

A wide choice of formats, depending on your goals.

Banners Display standard

Show your best face in the world’s biggest network.

Banners display rich media

Bring your creativity to life and call users to action with the “richest” format.

Native Ads

The most customizable to the context, perceived as one of the most attractive types of ads.


The format that is gaining most traction in the world of programmatic advertising.

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Full-funnel strategy for success

We create full-funnel strategies so that you can reach your audiences across all touchpoints of the customer journey. All you need is setting your goals and letting us do the magic – you will realize how much more you can obtain for each cent you invest.

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Changing model, achieving record results.

Superstudio is a young e-commerce that offers high-quality design furniture. With RocketROI, they increased their ROI by 177% and expanded from a B2B-only to a leading B2C player across several markets.

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the car dealership sector.

Find out how RocketROI developed Carnovo’s growth strategy so that they could reach their audience with the perfect information, at the perfect time, in the perfect place.

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