1. Services

RocketROI SL (hereinafter RocketROI) is a provider of management, planning and optimization services of advertising campaigns in digital media. RocketROI acts as a service consulting service, its executions will always be treated as professional recommendations and under no circumstances will RocketROI be held responsible for the success or failure of an investment in digital advertising in which it has been involved to a greater or lesser extent.

The main communication channel and to which these General Conditions apply will be their main website, accessible from the address https://rocketroi.com

Users will have access to the information freely and free of charge, as well as being able to actively participate in it by contributing their own content through the RocketROI community participation functions.

Those non-registered users may be consuming users of the content published by RocketROI or other users.

1.1. Specific conditions for RocketROI customers

1.1.1 Obligations of RocketROI

By this contract RocketROI, is committed to provide the necessary means (technology, software, human resources …) to obtain the best management and optimization of investment in digital advertising media, the performance report and monitor the advertising account. RocketROI will not be responsible for the implementation of the recommended strategies, which will be borne by the client, and will not be responsible for obtaining a certain result such as a minimum number of clicks, conversions or costs. RocketROI will not be responsible for the negative development of the campaign and due to the dynamics involved in the work with the different channels and can not be held responsible if the campaign does not reach the results initially intended.

1.1.2. Obligations of the Client.

The client commits to grant administrator permissions and access to the advertiser account of the advertising media to be managed in order for RocketROI to carry out its work and to pay the amount of the service in the manner indicated in the following clauses.

1.1.3. Non-hiring clause

With the acceptance of the contract, the client and / or any other company of the group to which he / she belongs, commits to directly or indirectly not establish any type of commercial or labor relationship with the personnel assigned to the account or any other RocketROI group during the term of the contract and for a period of two years after the end of it.

2. User profile and personal data

The user will have free access to the information published in RocketROI. The user will be solely responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of their personal data provided in the registration forms within RocketROI, as well as future modifications, and must inform RocketROI of the changes made and updating them.

The user will be the only and main responsible for their username and password access. The user is solely responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the personal data provided in the registry and for future modifications, and must inform about said changes and update them.

The user is responsible for the confidentiality of their username and password and their use. In the hypothetical case of detecting an unauthorized use of this information by other means, they must immediately inform RocketROI of the situation.

3. Obligations of the user

The user is solely responsible for the content that can be provided using either texts, links, opinions, numerical parameters, comments, etc. The user will have all the rights necessary for the publication of these contents on the RocketROI website.

The publication of contents such as:

Foreign and non-consensual advertising with RocketROI

Irrelevant contents

Comments not related to the publication framework

Pornographic, erotic or obscene content

Content that violates the rights of third parties, including expressly copyright and copyright or third party data protection

Content that supposes a breach of any legislation, including the defamatory, humiliating, homophobic or racist content towards any person, legal or physical.

Questionnaires or chain letters whose objective is to collect personal data of users, in particular for commercial purposes

The user will be responsible for:

Do not open more than one user account, even when giving different emails

Do not use programs or functions that automate the functions of generating content or visiting pages

In case of infringement of the general terms and conditions of use, RocketROI reserves the right to eliminate user accounts without giving any explanation.

4. Liability disclaimer

The user exempts RocketROI from any liability whatsoever in the event of any claim by third parties arising from the content or management decisions made by the user or by RocketROI. RocketROI will reserve the right of legal defense before such possible claims. The user will support RocketROI in sustaining said claims, in particular by providing all the necessary information for their legal defense. The user will be solely responsible for the reimbursement of damages to RocketROI for claims of third parties resolved favorably. This includes legal costs.

5. Content reproduction

The information and contents of RocketROI are legally protected. Its reproduction, especially for commercial or advertising use, is only allowed with the prior consent of RocketROI. The consent can be requested privately.

6. Content guarantee

RocketROI users provide texts and content in the way that everyone knows, not being RocketROI or the user responsible for the quality, credibility or accuracy of the data provided freely by the user to RocketROI. Readers and users use the content of RocketROI at their own risk and interpretation, in particular for the choice of accommodation, travel or other services based on RocketROI content. The content generated and published by users does not represent the opinion of RocketROI, and RocketROI does not adopt this content as its own. RocketROI is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of this editorial content.

This will never apply if the content has breached rights of third parties, in which case the legal liability will not be altered.

7. Technical responsibility

RocketROI will not be responsible for technical errors whose cause is not the direct responsibility of RocketROI.

RocketROI will not assume any guarantee of the continuous availability of data and will be able to choose the permanence in a state of time not available for technical and maintenance work.

8. Pre-notification and cancellation

RocketROI will be free to cancel the collaboration with the client within 30 calendar days. The client can give the notice with the same period of time.

RocketROI reserves the right to cancel the moment it decides that its presence may be detrimental to its interests. In case of termination of contract, RocketROI may continue to use the content that he himself added during his stay in RocketROI as a user.

9. Changes to the general conditions

Registered users will receive the changes made in the general conditions by email. Users can download the general conditions of use of RocketROI as well as print them on their computer.

10. Law and Jurisdiction

The user accepts at all times the use and application of the current law within the framework of Spanish legislation.

The area of ​​jurisdiction of RocketROI is Spain and any litigation of a legal-administrative nature will be resolved in the courts of Barcelona, Spain.

The user affirms to be in compliance with these general conditions for the use and enjoyment of the services offered by RocketROI and its website https://rocketroi.com.

11. Confidentiality

During the duration of the provision of the service, as well as indefinitely once the contract for the provision of services has been finalized, both parties undertake not to disclose to third parties any type of information that is considered confidential and to which they have had access due to needs of this contract. Likewise, during the duration of the provision of the service, both parties undertake to maintain independently and under professional secrecy how many accesses to relevant information are necessary, including access to the management of the aforementioned advertising channels.