Measurement, analysis and conversion optimization. We help you understand your customers’ online behaviour, know the impact of your digital actions and optimize the results of your online platform. Data-based decisions are at the foundations of a solid business strategy. Our digital analysts and CRO specialists will provide you with the insights you need to gain a comprehensive view of your digital potential, as well as identify the best opportunities for your business to gain a competitive edge through data.


Business plan

We define business model and objectives, establish the main KPIs and specify the most relevant target groups according to the chosen objectives. This segmentation allows us to develop a better and more precise strategy depending on the type of user we want to tackle.


We design a detailed and personalized measurement plan on the basis of our clients’ business objectives and KPIs. After the configuration of the analytical tools, we implement the previously defined strategy and test the results to ensure that all the data is collected correctly.


We use quantitative tools to know what happened in an objective way, as well as qualitative tools to understand the behaviour of the users’ group we are interested in. We provide concrete, actionable knowledge that serves as a foundation to improve future results and decision-making.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We identify inefficiencies detected through the analysis of users’ behaviour and draw data-based hypotheses to understand the causes of such issues. After defining the KPIs and choosing a representative users’ segment, we propose alternative solutions to improve the performance of those problematic phases of the users’ experience. Lastly, we develop and implement A/B tests to collect data and understand which variation works best.


Improved efficiency, speed and scalability. This is what technology means to us and why we are in a constant learning process to keep up with its pace of change.

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