ROCKETROI finalist in the 4ª edition of the Google Premier Partner Awards.



28 October, 2019
On the 16th of August, Google announced the finalists of the 4th edition of the Google Premier Partner Awards. They called on the most elite digital marketing agencies, certified professionals, and tool providers in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and North Africa) to gather at the Dublin headquarters for the Premier Partner Awards on the 1st of October 2019. And yes, we did it again! For the 4th year in a row we were among the finalists, together with our technological partner Spaceboost. One year after winning the prestigious award in the “Mobile innovation” category, we went all in again and ended up with 3 nominations at the Google Premier Partner Awards 2019 in the category App Development Excellence.

When you reach the top, keep climbing” – no better way to express our vision and work approach. We won the award last year, and yet, here we are again. We don’t rest on our laurels, and our story is the proof of that: in only 5 years we have evolved from adtech startup to all-rounded digital agency, adding 4 new departments – Social, SEO, Analytics & CRO, and UX/UI – to our core, which has always been Performance. Why? In order to be able to offer our partners all the resources they need to enhance their growth. So to us, these award nominations celebrate our success in going above and beyond to deliver a better service to our customers, not to get praise or to get a reward, but because we believe we should all approach everything in life with the drive to go the extra mile, work hard, aim for the best. We are really happy to see our work recognized again for the 4th year running”.

According to last year’s judges “ROCKETROI is a highly innovative digital marketing agency that showcases out-of-the-box thinking, business acumen and technical skills, making it the best mobile innovation applicant. The innovation culture at ROCKETROI is inclusive: all employees are encouraged to participate regardless of position and seniority. They have been developing their own automation platform which enhances their capacities and that they adapt to clients. ROCKETROI strive to provide the very best, most innovative solutions using Google tools and their own platform.”

About the Google Premier Partner Awards

Hailed as the highest honor in performance marketing, the Google Premier Partner Awards are meant to recognize and celebrate Premier Partner agencies and professionals who have used Google’s products to not only achieve marketing excellence, but also generate outstanding results for their small– to medium–sized business (SMB) clients. Judging between these top agencies is a duty Google takes quite seriously, using a four-round process including senior Google management, independent jury panelists, and supervision by the accounting and auditing leader Deloitte. The judging criteria includes: campaign quality, campaign performance, innovation, and use of technology. Now in its fourth year, 100 digital marketing agencies from across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EMEA) are competing to win six different awards, including excellence in Search, Display and Mobile—and also a wider ‘Growing Businesses Online’ award.


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