Discover how Top Doctors has become the reference platform in the world for medical personnel in the private sector. The platform is offering patients access to the leading medical specialists 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

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Healthcare when
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To continue their family medical traditions, the two founders of Top Doctors created a project with a single aim: giving patients the information they need to choose the specialist they need. Initially self-financed by 40 doctors and friends, their platform now is present in 8 countries, has over 20 million patients and 60.000 of the world’s top doctors with 70 different specialties.


Increasing conversions white maintinging CPL.

As they expanded, they needed to quickly increase the number of registrations they were generating within a specific CPL. Without technology, it was impossible for Top Doctors to reach the entirety of their potential audience. So, in 2017, they turned to ROCKETROI.


A dynamic CPL with
a custom optimization.

1. Connecting specialists with patients
We knew the largest amount of users they had was in cities, so we adjusted our campaigns accordingly, dedicating more resources to the areas we knew had more potential.
We combined over 170 local areas with over 70 different medical specialties to create a wide-ranging keyword strategy. We used a dynamic structure in which, for each case, we could adjust the strategy to the following data: Doctors available in real time, Their medical specialities, The area in which they are available.

2. Building a custom CPL algorithm
We established an ideal CPC for each product, increased advertising investment, and effectively scaled, all within an objective CPL.

We worked towards a dynamic CPL per speciality, with a custom optimization per product or service. Every day we optimized over 8 thousand keywords, and more than 5,000 ads.

3. Personalized Ads
Of the 8 thousand ads we optimized daily, we created custom ads that emphasized all of Top Doctors’ strengths, each of which was designed to cover exactly what potential patients are searching for:
– Immediacy
– The best services
– Specific specialties
– Location
– Complementary services

4. Getting the most out of Mobile
We saw that Top Doctors had +167% more traffic on mobile vs on desktop, but only 51% more conversions, and -45% CR. By optimizing our keyword strategy for devices, reducing bids and optimizing investment on mobile, we were able to decrease their mobile CPL by 22%, increase conversions by 71%, and start to make the most of their traffic.


“We knew the demand was there. All we needed was to connect the world’s patients with their ideal specialists.”

Gonzalo Pérez
Account Manager at ROCKETROI


Top results
for Top Doctors.

Top Doctors has become the reference platform in the world for medical personnel in the private sector. They doubled their revenue every year, and, with ROCKETROI, have tripled it in 2018, reaching $20 million in invoicing.


They say

“Since we started our campaigns, the results have been improving, not only in impressions but also in conversions, helping to reduce the costs. And it isn’t just about the technology: the team that worked with us is highly professional and they have an incredible human touch. They made our ideas come to life and they are part of Top Doctors.”

Omar Cabeza Eckerdt — Online Marketing Manager EU
Top Doctors

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