Moving the needle in the salesfunnel with social ads


From a humble Crowdfunding Campaign to an affirmed Spanish Shoe Brand. Discover how Morrison Shoes exploited Social Ads to implement a sustainable Sales Funnel structure.

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Morrison, the shoes of the digital era

Morrison was conceptualized by a group of 3 friends who always had the dream of creating something together. Their passion for shoes led them to start their adventure in 2016 gathering enough financial resources with a strategic Crowdfunding action. Since then, their only mission was to make Morrison an authentic and genuine Spanish Shoe Brand.

Bold, 100% handmade and details-oriented. Morrison shoes are now some of the most recognized sneakers not only in Spain, but also in other European countries such as France and Germany, all thanks to a strategy entirely based on social ads.


Boosting brand awareness while increasing sales volume

Together with ROCKETROI, the company wanted to increase the volume of sales while maintaining their business healthy and sustainable. Alongside this more sales-oriented objective, Morrison wanted to maintain the brand both recognizable and “fresh” on Social Media by sharing creative and relevant content without being overly promotional at all times.


Horizontal Scaling and Creativity.

1. Horizontal Scaling
In order to achieve the previously mentioned objectives, a horizontal scaling strategy was implemented.
This plan allowed us to spread tests across multiple ad sets, audiences, and types of creative with the overall purpose of building a more stable account structure for long-term, scalable success. Therefore, we chose to avoid using the budget as the only lever of the social actions in order to increase the volume of sales and scale up the business.

2. Full-Funnel Strategy
A full-funnel strategy was implemented by creating campaigns with different objectives, yet related to each other. We created prospecting campaigns with the aim of blending Brand Awareness – by exploiting details-oriented creativities – and sales actions. These campaigns allowed us to obtain good volumes of transactions while giving knowledge and recognition of the brand within the social media realm. To boost the ROAS and maintain the marketing actions sustainable, we generated dynamic ads that enabled us to automatically display products that originally interested each user by exploiting the information recovered by the Facebook’s pixel.

3. Avoiding high frequency of ads
By creating customized dynamic creativities through Smartly, we have been able to always offer fresh content, keeping the frequency of impact low without saturating our audiences.

4. Going Abroad
Implementation of the same strategy in other European countries in order to discover potential new markets. We identified countries similar to the countries where we were already successful, and we tested them with new audiences. By identifying additional countries, we were able to expand our audience and consequently our spend threshold, which in turn led to a more sustainable volume of sales. We duplicated our best performing ad sets and changed the country to the new country for testing.


“Synchrony, understanding and a well-defined medium/long term plan. What came next was simply exceeding the client's goals”.

Eugenio Olmeda
Paid Social Specialist at ROCKETROI


From awareness to conversion

Given the great synergy between ROCKETROI and the Morrison Team, as well as our understanding of the true essence of the brand, we set the foundations of a long-term collaboration and the results have been improving constantly.


They sayaboutus.

“The ROCKETROI team is always open to suggestions and does not hesitate to analyse results and test alternatives for constant improvement. The continuous flow of information between Morrison and ROCKETROI’s team, as well as the team’s ability to respond and adapt to change quickly, are factors that have been key for the success of this collaboration.”

Team Morrison

Readywhen you are.