A new leader in the sports ecommerce world.


INTERSPORT launched their ecommerce site in 2018 and needed to grow quickly to keep up with their more experienced competitors. Now with ROCKETROI, they are becoming a benchmark of success in the sports retail market.

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A part of the sports community since 1968.

INTERSPORT was born in Switzerland in 1968 (its main HQ is in Berna), with the goal of competing against big department stores. With this objective in mind, they opened various shops and this is how it later turned into an international retail chain. INTERSPORT operates in 65 countries and counts more than 5500 stores in the whole world.


Going one step beyond the competition.

In 2018, Intersport Spain changed their business strategy and decided to make the leap into the digital world. The need to find an agency like ROCKETROI came when they realized that, once their ecommerce was ready, they needed to go one step beyond to reach the level that is required to stay competitive in this market, since their competitors had already years of advantage.


Boosted by technology.

1. Reaching 100% of potential audiences
Designing a structure of audiences that would cover 100% of INTERSPORT’s potential audience from the very first moment was key to make each cent invested in the channel profitable.

2. Hypersegmented campaigns for more than 10.000 products
We designed a hypersegmented campaign structure based on the client’s business criteria and objectives. This structure allowed us to segment a catalogue of more than 10.000 products in +60 campaigns, as well as to differentiate the top brands from the ones that were performing worse, and rank products in order of sales importance.

3. Connect across complexity
We added different audiences to the campaigns according to how we designed the user’s conversion funnel, from web visitors, to users that were interested in certain products but didn’t finalize their purchase. We attributed an exact bid to each one of these audiences, in order to finally capture the user in the moment they would decide to make the purchase. We accompanied the customers from the discovery until the purchase phase, by positioning the desired product in the desired moment at the right place.

4. The smarter, the better
The new Google Smart Shopping formats allowed us to be more relevant, less intrusive and able to get closer to the user in the most important moments before the purchasing decision. We managed to capitalize our client’s investment up to 5 times more than before, which in turn allowed them to invest more resources in Google, as they could count on guaranteed returns.


“What truly made the difference? Being more relevant, less intrusive and able to get closer to the user in the most important moments before the purchasing decision”

Key Account Manager at ROCKETROI


A benchmark of success.

With ROCKETROI, they managed to improve the profitability of their Google Shopping campaigns, which in turn allowed them to triplicate the investment and become a benchmark of success in the sports retail market.


They say

Working with ROCKETROI improved our main KPIs. We have decreased our CPA, optimized the CPC and increased the coverage of our campaigns. This led Intersport to have more impressions and traffic to the e-commerce, as well as boost sales and revenue with an increase of our ROI by 160%.

Nuria Grao — E-commerce manager

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