They started in Barcelona with one study center – now they are in the whole Spain and expanded their offering to online courses. Read how IDEA partnered with ROCKETROI to improve their acquisition strategy and grow.

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Better quialified professionals in the veterinary sector.

IDEA – Instituto de Estudios Aplicados was born in response to the growing awareness of the respect and care that animals deserve. Their mission is to satisfy the demand for qualified personnel in the veterinary sector, as well as to prompt the growth and establishment of more specialized facilities devoted to this cause.


Boosting IDEA’S online acquisition strategy.

Before ROCKETROI, their main acquisition channels were offline. They would attract new potential students during fairs or through phone calls.

They started working with ROCKETROI to give more visibility to their study center and to grow their business model. At the beginning of our collaboration, they had very high CPLs, which didn’t allow them to be profitable in their online acquisition strategy.

Their main challenge was to get more qualified leads at a lower CPL than what they were paying.


Audiences, responsive display ads and smart display campaigns.

We launched a massive amount of campaigns which were segmented according to geographic location, so that we could focus on those regions where IDEA is particularly strong.

1. Choosing the right target audiences
Using all the different types of audiences available from Google’s tools, we were able to:

  • Identify 100% of IDEA’s potential identifiable customers
  • Split the customers into different audiences, separating them according to their buying behaviour, content profile, and history.

One of the key success factors was the choice of audiences for each of the type of courses offered, both for related and personalized audiences. This allowed us to be more exact with the type of audiences we wanted to impact.

2. Applying the optimization strategy to the CPA to control the target CPL
In order to avoid depending on IDEA for the creation of banners, we created Responsive Display Ads on a massive scale by extracting the pictures directly from their website. Since in summer there was a consistent fall in traffic, we took the opportunity to try the Smart Display Campaigns that have supported all the other campaigns that weren’t tackling certain audiences.

We used Google Analytics Tracking to verify that the collection of data was accurate. We also compared the information with their CRM system to ensure the quality of the leads received.


“One of the key success factors was the choice of audiences for each of the type of courses offered, both for related and personalized audiences."

Account Manager at ROCKETROI


Conversions rising,
new centers opening.

If once IDEA’s acquisition model depended mainly on outbound marketing, nowadays they can count on a growing number of qualified leads who are getting in touch with them themselves, and are truly interested in what they have to offer.

Their main learning centres were located only in Barcelona. Thanks to the improvement of their campaigns, they have expanded and open new schools all over the country. In addition to that, they began offering online courses, to give the chance to anybody in Spain or Latin America to improve their knowledge and get certifications.


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