Exotic and far destinations at a click distance – with Exoticca, you can. Find out how this young company from Barcelona is changing the long distance traveling game with ROCKETROI.

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Long distance traveling made easy.

Exoticca was born in Barcelona in 2013. It was founded by Jesús Rodríguez, who wanted to change the long distance travelling experience and lay the foundations for the future of travel. Their mission is to democratize the large travel industry by making trips that previously only a minority could afford accessible to everybody.


High quality leads, open new markets.

Before Exoticca started working with ROCKETROI, the company’s growth depended exclusively on the traffic and sales that travel partners drove to their business. As they’d been growing faster and faster, they needed a partner like ROCKETROI to help them in their growth process and market penetration.

High quality lead generation of users that are interested in living a different travel experience: with this objective in mind, we started our collaboration with Exoticca, which has proved to be key in advancing towards their ultimate goal: becoming the leading online provider of long distance travels at affordable prices.


A tactical channel mix to cover the whole funnel.

1. Defining the user acquisition strategy
We decided to introduce micro goals based on relevant user behaviour in order to set up a conversion funnel and analyze how users engaged with the business. The idea was to optimize traffic acquisition towards high value actions on the website.

For the activation of the social channels ( Facebook and Instagram) we designed an acquisition strategy focused on the phases of online conversions through Facebook’s native functionalities such as the Dynamic Travel Ads. This allowed us to reach very qualified users that are usually found in the most advanced phases of the selling funnel.

Additionally, we activated the prospecting stage of new users through data-based acquisition with Lead Ad forms, in order to reach wide audiences with a formulary aimed at generating database.

2. Tackling qualified audiences to boost CR
We defined an accurate audience system in order to help the company sales team improve their online revenue. We used Spaceboost’s automation technology to set up Exoticca’s digital strategy and create massive and hyper-segmented structures that helped us reach the company’s entire potential audience and step into new markets really fast.

To harness the power of social ads, we made a selection of the most competitive destinations to reach new users with powerful commercial messages and claims. In this way, we managed not only to improve the brand awareness of Exoticca, but also to introduce these new users in our conversion funnel through the planned acquisition strategy.

Thanks to Smartly’s technology, we automated the process of creating campaigns and personalized ads based on data. This layer of automation allowed us to quickly reach complex campaign structures in record time.

3. Developing a phone calls lead generation model
Almost the total amount of the company’s sales come from deals closed via phone calls between the customers and Exoticca’s sales team. So, after defining the user acquisition strategy, we went for a phone lead generation model to maximize the total number of leads and make the sales process even easier.

4. Including EXOTICCA in Google Export for agencies program
Customer care and product personalization play such an important role in Exoticca’s sales process that ROCKETROI has been able to use its “Premier Partner Badge” to include the company in the Export for Agencies Program. This means that, with the help of Google, they will keep evolving their Customer Care department by making it more efficient, faster, more reliable and more profitable.


“We bet for a multichannel acquisition strategy by tackling the most qualified audiences to increase Exoticca’s conversion rate."

Key Account Manager at ROCKETROI


Growing big
growing fast

Thanks to our Search and Social strategy, Exoticca was able to reach their market penetration objectives and enter 6 new markets: France, Germany, UK, US, Canada and Australia. In the last year, their staff grew by 400% and they managed to obtain several rounds of investments, especially thanks to their improved business model and forecasted growth.


They say

“ROCKETROI’s know-how, expertise and commitment played a key role not only in campaign creation and optimization, but also in the business plan consolidation. Working together allowed us to scale our efforts in Google Search Advertising and to make our media spend far more efficient”.

Carlos Molinet — Performance Lead

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