Find out how one of the leading insurance companies in the world reinvented their strategy and gained competitive advantage thanks to ROCKETROI’s team and technology.

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Explore life knowing that you are protected.

Allianz is a German multinational financial services company, whose core businesses are insurance and asset management. Their mission is to provide the right type of insurance to every individual, so that they can explore life in the knowledge they are protected.


More and better leads despite the competition.

The insurance market in Spain is one of the most saturated and competitive verticals, which causes the CPCs to be incredibly high and consequently increases the CPL of conversions. Before ROCKETROI, they did not manage to reach their target campaign objectives. Our collaboration began with the aim to improve the quantity, as well as the quality of leads, in order to boost the profitability of their investment in paid advertising.

In regards to their approach to device-specific campaigns, Allianz used to manage all users in the same way, regardless of the device. They couldn’t identify the quality of each user, which made the cost of each closed deal far higher than the optimal.


Boosting mobile conversions with AMPs and call extensions.

1. Implementation of AMPs
As part of our mobile strategy for Allianz, we started by separating each product to a dedicated Google Ads account and mobile only campaigns. Once consolidated the new strategy we implemented the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for ads in the mobile campaigns. Due to the good performance on landing page optimization, and to the push given by the Mobile-First Index, which prioritizes mobile-friendly pages, we managed to find a gap at the top of page of the most generic keywords for every product at a very competitive CPC.
Additionally, by automating the campaign creation process, we were able to create the immense account structures of millions of keywords that we have nowadays. Thanks to the technology we use, we were able to bid for the most generic keywords as well as for the most long-tail.

2. Segmented by location, augmented by call extensions
In a second phase of the project we worked on Call Leads by creating a campaign for every Spanish province, each with a Call Extension and featuring the designated insurance agent’s number.

3. Making the best of Google’s new features
In the third and final phase, we began using the new feature of optimization by type of conversion, along with Target CPA Smart Bidding Algorithm in the Mobile Call Extension campaigns. This led Call Leads to have total independence from the overall leads’ trend.

4. In data we trust
We used a data-driven attribution model to make sure that the same converted user wouldn’t appear in several different platforms. Google Analytics 360 was key to verify that the collection of data was accurate, while Google Data Studio served as the perfect reporting tool to keep our client always up-to-date with every change we made in the campaigns.


“We managed to find a gap at the top of page of the most generic keywords for every product at a very competitive CPC”.

Account Manager at ROCKETROI


Mobile first isthe way to go.

Thanks to the change to AMP landing pages, we improved the overall user experience on Allianz’s mobile pages, which in turn caused the conversion rate of mobile-only campaigns to double from 4.5% to 9%. A successful implementation of call extensions led to a strong increase in mobile traffic, which converts better via phone call rather than form.


They sayaboutus.

“ROCKETROI is helping us optimize our digital investment by using the most advanced tools and technologies. The team is constantly suggesting new ways to generate more business opportunities through the Internet.”

Teresa Carnicé — Digital marketing

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