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16 June, 2021

For a long time, we have tended to think that networks based on the video format would only serve to generate reach or interest about the brand. However, if we manage to align our marketing objectives with the different video formats, these networks can help us to push the conversion of our business in an efficient way.

Since YouTube appeared, like Display and other Google networks more focused on images or multimedia, we have tended to think that they would only serve to generate interest about the brand or reach, but not to directly achieve conversions or sales.

However, nothing is further to the contrary. If we can align our marketing objectives with the different video formats, the bid strategy and know what to measure in each phase of the conversion funnel, we will realize that video can not only help us achieve our objectives more related to the branding, if not that will also push the conversion efficiently.

Why Youtube?

In 2019, it reached 31.5 million monthly users in Spain, with an average content consumption of 38 minutes per viewer per day. YouTube has a reach of 72% of the Spanish population, with mobile being the main screen where users reproduce content.

People use YouTube to:

  • Stay informed
  • Improve their mood and shape
  • Learn new skills
  • Be entertained

But he also enters YouTube to make purchase decisions. Between 50-70% of the public visit YouTube to learn more about a brand or product before making the purchase. Typically, they alternate between the search network and YouTube. It is estimated that purchase intention grows by 43% in people exposed to both networks.

What are your goals? Youtube has a solution

Depending on what you want to achieve with your marketing goals, you will have to come up with a specific strategy to achieve them. These are 3 very simple examples that can help you understand a full funnel strategy for YouTube.

  1. Brand awareness: 90% of people discover new products through YouTube. Reach your audience and increase your brand recognition through TrueView for Reach Campaigns and Bumper Ads.
  2. Consideration: More than half of buyers believe that the video has helped them decide on the brand and the product to buy. Create interaction and commitment to your brand through TrueView In Stream Campaigns.
  3. Action: Approximately 40% of buyers say they have bought products that they have discovered on YouTube. Turn potential customers into buyers with TrueView for Action Campaigns and Video Action Campaigns.

But it is not only about determining the strategy and choosing the types of campaign, the results that we are going to achieve will be very different depending on the type of campaign and the type of creativity that we use. That is why it is very important to know what we measure in each stage or campaign:

  • Brand Awareness: Impressions, Frequency, Scope
  • Consideration: Views
  • Action: Sales / Conversions

To summarize this:

Search network and Youtube. How exactly does it work?

86% of people use Google to get ideas about what products to buy, and the Search Network is still the gateway for purchasing decisions.

However, search campaigns can lose the most hesitant buyers.

Let’s take an example with numbers:

  1. 100 users search about our product or service.
  2. Assuming a CTR of 10%, only 10 would reach our website.
  3. Assuming a 2% conversion rate, only 2 users convert.

In other words, we have 98 users (or 98% of the users who are looking for our service / product) who have escaped us. And the vast majority are achievable through YouTube. If we recap the above statistics we will realize that we can increase our conversions by focusing on these indecisive users.

Get conversions with Youtube for Action

We already have our awareness campaigns, of consideration. But, ultimately, our client is going to ask us for something more tangible; And you’re going to need your conversion goals to be met, whether they’re sales or leads.

For this, we will use the Video Action Campaigns, since they are campaigns that in a simple way help us to achieve conversions with a single automated campaign.

With this type of campaign we can achieve up to 200% more CTR and 40% less CPA in video conversions and an 8% increase in conversion and 4% reduction in Search CPA.

One of the main advantages of these campaigns is that they use all the available inventory:

  • Youtube home feed
  • Youtube display pages
  • Video Partners

This way you can reach all the inventory quickly, in addition to not having to set different bids for each site, which allows Google AI to optimize for the most profitable at all times.

To optimize YouTube for Action campaigns, we recommend:

  1. Use Google Ads conversion, not analytics.
  2. Start with Maximize Conversions and then adjust to Target CPA.
  3. Your first audiences should be Custom Audiences and Remarketing, and then reach more with Audience Expansion.
  4. If you don’t have enough conversions, try adding micro-conversions at the campaign level to give your campaigns data
  5. Add Sitelink Extensions and at least 5 different creativities.

Why work with us?

Rocket has a multidisciplinary team, expert in all aspects necessary to carefully plan and carry out a complete and effective online campaign in order to boost the sales of your business on all digital platforms. With a team with extensive experience in leading companies such as Mango, Stradivarius or Desigual, Rocket adapts to the needs of each client to design a plan focused on improving the conversion rate of their website.

If you are thinking of growing your business through video platforms and you want the experts at Rocket Digital to help you implement your online strategy to help you achieve your goals, do not hesitate to contact us!


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