Changing business model,
achieving record results.

Superstudio is a young e-commerce that offers high-quality design furniture. With RocketROI, they increased their ROI by 177% and expanded from a B2B-only to a leading B2C player across several markets.

Superestudio case study RocketROI

E-commerce shop all the way to the top.

Founded in 2005, for many years Superstudio was a B2B company centered on sales to professionals. In 2015, they saw the opportunity of expanding their business and selling directly to the final customer. That is how their partnership with RocketROI started. To begin with, we created a multi-channel strategy to reach the new B2C target audience, based on the optimization of Search & Shopping campaigns. What came next is the story of how a local business can aspire to become market leader in Europe.

superestudio case study rocketROI

Increasing sales and brand awareness

After having worked side by side with their marketing team to ensure continuous growth, in the past year we have faced the challenge of increasingly aggressive competition, which has been making it harder for Superstudio to keep on positioning as a market leader. The goal? Increasing sales and brand awareness while outperforming competitors.




Oct 2017 vs Jan 2018



Oct 2017 vs Jan 2018



Oct 2017 vs Jan 2018



Oct 2017 vs Jan 2018



Video campaigns Q1 2018 vs Q4 2017


Viewable impressions

Video campaigns Q1 2018 vs Q4 2017



Video campaigns Q1 2018 vs Q4 2017



Video campaigns Q1 2018 vs Q4 2017

Superestudio case study rocketroi

Personalised ads for a mass audience.

With Superstudio, not only we designed a new campaign architecture, but we also created a new business model, based on data and integration. We used PPC Automation to display their products catalogue across two main channels – Google Search and Google Shopping. In addition to that, we complemented out strategy with Video and Display campaigns. Our strategy can be summed up in 3 key points: 1) Data-driven segmentation: definition of the ideal CPA for each product and of the profitability of each audience; 2) Reaching the long tail: campaigns with thousands of optimised ads to reach less competitive audiences; 3) Dynamic Feeds: real-time optimization of bids for each product, depending on stock levels and seasonal events.

“With RocketROI we‘ve boosted our sales +8,000%, making us one of the leading design furniture ecommerce companies in Europe.”

Aaron Cuenca, CDO at Superstudio
RocketROI google awards winners

6 nominations in a 3-year-partnership

Our partnership with Superstudio won us several nominations at the Google Premier Partner Awards EMEA: we were in the top #10 for the “Shopping Innovation” category for three years in a row – in 2016, 2017 and 2018, nominated also for “Video” and for “Display” Innovation in 2018.

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